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So, a guy, African American came to my apartment, he asked for donation of 59 dollars for something that I didn't even pay attention. I did heard that he's studying Journalism and he knew some stuff, related to mine, which, I guess was done to soften me up. I gave the check and took note of the number. As soon as I saw the internet of the scam(s) I immediately stopped the check cash-in after he left, which I assumed he just go to another... Read more

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I have tried to help these kids twice now. I'm either really *** or.... Anywhoo... This last time these two charming guys came, I ended up buying a fishing magazine for my son. They assured me it would be here in 2 weeks regardless of the 120 day wait on the receipt that they handed as they wee walking away. Well after a month, I call to see what's going on with the magazine. The woman on the phone literally said "I don't give a *** what they... Read more

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I just had a guy who knocked on my door and told me he is in a public speaking contest and he needs to win points for the trip to italy. To make it short, the whole time I could tell he is just another sale guy try to sell subscription etc.. but I said to myself let's hope these books will go to children. So I decide to give $24.95 because that what I saw on his receipt as he said I can claim tax later. He was expecting me to give him cash but... Read more

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I took out two subscriptions from 2 girls very nice girls I will admit but they charged me 45.00 for each subscription. Certainly is a lot of money for a prescription . I am goin to send an order to get my money returned to me

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Two young men by the names Levi O and Chris B came to my and took an order for two magazine subscription but I have not received the magazines but my checks were cashed.

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A young woman just came by my house asking me to buy a subscription to help out her organization. I was under the impression the total cost was $12.79 but after I took my checkbook outside, the price has risen to $59. I gently told her I couldn't afford the $59 and she said she'd made that clear but she didn't. Before I offered to pay by check, she asked me if I had cash because she'd get "bonus" points. That seemed odd to me. She wasn't really... Read more

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On Oct 5,2015 I had two guys who said they were college students and were trying to get a trip to Italy for a work study program. (I know a gal that is going the college they said they attend and she has never heard on any such program) In short I bought what are supposed to be a set of four cookbooks for my wife for Christmas. Since it has been over 2 month and Christmas is two weeks away I called to find out what is going on, and the women... Read more

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I was on the phone with my girlfriend when i heard a knock on the door and opened it, there was two girls saying they were selling magazines for school if i wanted to send magazines for the troops so i let them in and was talking to them. One girl did all the talking and the other one very pretty just stood there, after i picked the mag out and gave them the money 55.00 i placed the envelope with my money back in a basket on the counter, they... Read more

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I was sitting on my porch smoking a cig when a pretty girl came up selling magazines 4 school. Named Shae soomething..She said something about lots of points and she was winning, and I had to help. I said Okay, what do I have to do? She said it was hot and asked to come in and show me. So i let her. I didn't want one, but after we hung out for a while she was cool. Poor girl was telling me how tired she was, saying she had a mean boyfriend... Read more

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On October 26, 2007 a young man knocked on my door and said he was selling subscriptions to further his education. I found a set of Disney Princess Magazines and DVD's that I thought my granddaughters would enjoy- as that they are in to anything Princess. I ordered and wrote a check that has cleared the bank the next day. I was told that I would start receiving the magazines and DVD's within 10-12 weeks. Well here it is almost 6 months... Read more

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