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I just had a guy who knocked on my door and told me he is in a public speaking contest and he needs to win points for the trip to italy. To make it short, the whole time I could tell he is just another sale guy try to sell subscription etc.. but I said to myself let's hope these books will go to children. So I decide to give $24.95 because that what I saw on his receipt as he said I can claim tax later. He was expecting me to give him cash but I didn't have cash so I told him I will give him a check. When I start to write he said $59 I was like no I don't have the money to give you and I only agreed on $24.95. He kept on explaining to me that he won't get bonus points etc.. and I told him you are asking for money and you are negotiating with me?? He told me his sister got in the contest and same as his brother and he will win this time if I help him to get there.

After 20 mins of back and forth, I decide to write $44 so he can leave. He left me with a phony receipt and took off fast.

Like some of the comments here, he wants cash at first.

The whole time while talking to him he smelt alcohol. I asked him but he denied. At this time, I knew I need to shut the door asap. He even said he will put a sticker in front of my house so other won't come to ask me the for the same once they see the sticker (trying to sound legit) As I am writing this, I feel so dumb that I even open the door to stranger. Anyway, I cancel the check. This is totally a scam and there is no website. He told to to check for the contest online.

I am so angry of myself for being so naive at this age. I attached a receipt he gave me. His name is on top (must be fake)

He wrote my address on the receipt because he said they will send me a thank you card. I can't believe I fall for this but also thing like this is still happening.

I am in Southern California btw.

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This scam has been around for a long long time.I fell for it over 20 years ago.

don't beat yourself up.

good that you canceled the check. I'd call the company and tell them that this scam is unacceptable and then I'd report to my local police.

Also, don't open your door to people you don't know.

You could also put a sign on your door that says "No Soliciting".We are all busy people and don't need our day interrupted!


There was no trip to Italy, it's just a ploy to get your money.Sometimes they will say they are raising money for college or have a new baby on the way and need to buy diapers.

They will say ANYTHING to try to get $ from you. Future-going: do NOT buy anything from some random stranger at your door. Tell them no, to leave and not return and then call the police.

These people do NOT have the proper permits to solicit.Also, get on the phone and warn your neighbors.


I did the same thing.And feel the same way.

Naive, ***. Super mad at myself. I gave $55 for a 2yr. Subscription.

Im praying it comes so i can stop feeling so dumb.I should have known better too.


Don't feel bad- happens- just keep an eye on your checking account- even though you cancelled the check, they have your routing and account number

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